I am not going to present something new today, instead I am going to remind you of the evergreens — the timeless assets which you will never go wrong with.

Real Estates

Real estate is the best investment, both medium and long term! Your home usually holds between 25 and 40 percent of your personal wealth. Location, location, location — good properties are sold offline and the not so good ones it takes them 2 weeks to 3 months. Many of you are probably are waiting prices to go down, but If you are looking to acquire one for yourself I will say every moment is right.

Surprisingly, but this is one of the easiest things to achieve in life. When you find that dream home, don't hesitate to borrow money from the bank and always ask for the longest period. From my practice this is the biggest showstopper for most people, but there is nothing to afraid of, as I said in "Manage Money Better" — Just let the inflation do its job!


This is one of the best long-term assets to secure your money — if the government starts printing money like crazy, the price of gold goes up and your wealth increases. The average return of gold as an investment is approximately 10% on an annual basis. Even your jewelry counts, you can keep 5-10% of your overall assets value in gold.


Let's be real — cash is not going away or not, at least in this century. The Swiss franc (CHF) is considered as the safest currency in the world with 0-2% annual inflation and 20% Gold Standard. My recommendation is to keep no more than 1% in cash. A middle-class man can simply follow the plan that I have presented in the "Emergency fund" post.

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Mr. & Mrs. Marinovi — The Movie (2022) "Classic Bulgarian wedding, with a modern twist in the spirit of the 21st century."

Mr. & Mrs. Marinovi — The Movie (2022)

After so many obstacles we proved that we are meant to be together. One year later we are stronger than ever, and our bond keeps growing. Happy anniversary, my love! Time flies, but memories stay forever and today we share one of our most intimated ones:

I want to shoutout the people that take care of everything and made our celebration special:

Life can change overnight and only the prepared one can adapt to the inevitable change.

Just an ordinary Wednesday you go to work, come back home, going to bed, nothing special. On the next morning instead of your being awaken up by your alarm, you hear a civil defense siren, and your normal life is gone. This is how the life of the people in Ukraine has changed on the 24th of February changed overnight.

Thanks God, this is not my story, but this was something that gives me some thoughts. I had experienced a 5.6 magnitude earthquake in 2012 and after spending the night outside I decided to build a survival kit for any case scenario. It was on my bucket list for several years until now and it took me some time before I come out with the ultimate one.

Right after I started my research and I quickly realized that most people mistaken it with camping. Be real about it and stick to the basic items. In most cases you already own everything, you just need to pack it all together. After you finished your kit, keep it ready and review it every now and then, and think if you can improve something.

First 72 hours

This is the most critical time, until you understand the situation you are in. During this period, you can stick to a restricted calorie ration, water bottle, rum, fire starter, cash, multi-purpose tool, flashlight, whistle, shemagh, USB drive with all your data and passport. This is the most basic things that I consider as essential in the first 72 hours.

Plan B

This is where shit gets serious, and you should be able to adapt to pretty much everything. Basic physical training is important for your survival and an idea of where your plan B is. In addition to the items, I have stated in the first 72 hours and the Dopp kit from my previous post, you need to pack a few more things in your bag:

  • Knife

  • Monocular

  • Tri-Fold Shovel

  • IFAK

  • Sunglasses

  • Hat

  • Base layer

  • Waterproof poncho

  • Swimsuit